Spam mail in outlook

Almost all of us are using one or other e mail and are facing problem due to Spam mail. To learn managing your important mail and filtering spam mail is very easy and simple in Hotmail account. Due to spam mail, our very important messages go to other place instead of going into the inbox.  You get irritated when the important mail for which you were looking for long goes to your spam folder and it creates confusion with not getting mail in time. Hotmail do have options to filter spam mail with anti-spam filters in it wherein you can stop unwanted mail (spam mail) entering into it. You can reach us at Microsoft Outlook Helpline number  1-844-433-2368. This is very simple and easy to do yourself and it will not take much of your time as well.


If you want to block spam mail in your Hotmail account, then follow the steps:

  • Click on the “Options” that you can find at the top right corner of the primary screen then tap on the “More Options” that you can see at the base of the screen
  • In the “Junk email” area, look for “Safe and blocked senders”junk-email-setting
  • Here you can see the three connections of Safe Senders, Safe Mailing Lists, or Blocked Senders then tap on any of them.
  • Enter the email address that you are supposed to add to any of the three records and afterward tap the “Add to List”. For example, you can include the other email address in this field.block-spam-mail
  • If you want to remove anything from the list then click on the “Remove from list”.



Alternately you can also filter spam mail by one more method in Hotmail as:

  • Click under the “junk mail” area on the connection that peruses “Filters and reporting” heading found on the more alternatives page.
  • Here you will find two options as “Standard and Exclusive” While you can choose one of them for better channeling your record.
  • Look for “Delete junk email” heading, you can choose to send all junk email to erase the messages immediately or to not report those messages.
  • If you want to report spam email automatically, then scroll towards “Report junk messages” section.
  • Hit button on “Save” at the base of the right part of the page.


Still in case you are having difficulty in filtering your spam email you can contact us at Outlook Tech Support Phone Number 1-844-433-2368. Our experts are always ready to support and help you in all possible ways. Apart from this, in case you have any other quarries, contact Microsoft Outlook Helpline number 1-844-433-2368 for further assistance.